Reflection/Artist Statement

Trisha Peterson

Reflection/Artist Statement

Denise Richter

December 7, 2016

The digital story "The Challenge" is a short story about growth and events that led me to start a 30 day challenge. My Challenge was to give up caffeine for thirty days and to consume more water. My Purpose for creating my digital story is to inspire people that are struggling to quit bad habits to start the process of change. I want to motivate more people to challenge themselves for thirty days to do something that will benefit their life in a positive way.

My intended audience is individuals that want to quit a bad habit. Individuals that may have the urge to quit a bad habit but are lacking the will power to start the process of change.

In my digital story I use a lot of ethos. My digital story is about my own experience with the 30 day challenge. I want viewers to see me as a credible source because I endured the challenge first hand. The digital story narration is in first person for that reason. I use pathos by showing pictures were I am engaged in acts that are humiliating and embarrassing to me. I want people to recall their own thoughts and feelings towards a time when they were engaged in a bad habit. The habit may have been embarrassing to them. I want to grab their attention by using their own personal guilt against them. I use pictures as visuals so it is easy to follow along with the narration. I zoom in and zoom out of the visuals for the duration of the digital story to get the audience to focus on important details of the story. Example when I talk about my smile and the effect bad habits had on my teeth. I showed a picture of my smile at that time in my life and zoomed up on it to give it all the attention of the audience.

Overall I’m happy with the digital story. All of the conventions used contributed to the final product of my digital story. I used digital story telling with this piece. I was unfamiliar with digital story telling prior to this project but I was familiar with uses visuals aids and a writing narration. I think choosing a genre with visuals helps the narration by giving the audience a clear picture of situations within the story.

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