Sunday, October 30, 2016

Brighter Smile

The main reason that I wanted to quit consuming coffee was, because of the affect it had on my teeth. I was jealous of other people that had beautiful smiles. I wanted my teeth to be whiter, and I wanted my teeth to appear to be straighter. I have not consumed coffee for almost a month now. After I stopped consuming coffee I didn’t notice a change overnight. The side effects of coffee had already been done. Although, What I did notice was that the longer I went without coffee, the appearance of my teeth became better. My teeth appeared whiter and whiter the longer this challenge went on. The whiter they were the less the imperfections were noticeable to me. I think imperfection are less visible to the eye the whiter your teeth are . I think after noticing the change I have that cheating on this challenge is less likely to happen. I’m happy with the results I’m am getting from the long term effects of living without coffee. Every picture prior to now I have always had a fake smile. I kept my lips together hiding my teeth. I now gladly show off my teeth when I smile. I have a confidence when I smile.

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