Sunday, October 30, 2016

Positive Change

I gave up coffee two weeks ago. Lately I have noticed a positive change. I would consider this change a short term side effect of giving up caffeine. When I first wake up I notice my skin looks better. My skin doesn’t look dull, or lack vitality. My pores are cleaner and smaller. The pores on my nose use to be big pores. I thought that maybe that was just me and there was nothing I could do about that. When I first noticed that my pores had become smaller I really couldn’t believe it. My pores seemed to have shrunk to nothing. My pores were free of toxins. I like to think I’m pretty proactive taking care of my skin. I use to use steam room to help with sweating out toxins even though that is the worst way to rid the body of toxins; though your skin. My pores are now clean with little to no effort, my guess would be my body is not working as hard to rid its self of bad toxins. I will keep looking out for other positive changes that I notice from giving up coffee. Positive changes could encourage me to continue after the thirty day challenge without coffee.

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