Sunday, October 30, 2016

Reflecting On What I Learned While Giving Up Coffee

The challenge has ended. The first day after the challenge ended I made me a cup of coffee. I was allowed to have it and yet I felt like I shouldn’t be drinking it. I had positive changes that I noticed during the challenge and didn’t want to undo the progress I had made. I thought about everything I had already overcome. I drank the cup of coffee I made, but I did it mindfully, as I was instructed to do in the ted talk A Simple Way To Break A Bad Habit. When I mindfully drank that cup of coffee I noticed that it made my teeth feel gross like there was in film on them.  In the future I will continue to be mindful when I indulge in coffee. I hope that eventually I won't even want the substance at all. I am not going to completely forbid myself from drinking it. I think anything in moderation is not bad for you.I know that it is not necessary for me to drink coffee every day. If this challenge has taught me anything it’s to be more mindful about what I am doing. I have to start being intentional with my actions. If I want healthy skin and nice teeth I need to train my mind into choosing a healthy choice.

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